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Performance Parameter
Product Model CPCD40
Power unit   Diesel
Load Capacity kg 4000
Load Center mm 500
Service Weight kg 5280
Tilting Angles(Front/Rear) 6°/12°
Lift Height mm 3000
Height of Overhead Guard mm 2085
Overall Length mm 1880
Overall Width(Outside Wheel) mm 1410
Turning Radius mm 2700
Engine for Option: Isuzu, Kubota,

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

The products shown above are some models of our J series 4-10T diesel forklifts. These forklift trucks adopt ISUZU or Kubota diesel engine, with load capacities ranging from 4 tons to 10 tons. This, coupled with their maximum lift height (3000mm), makes our diesel forklifts are very powerful and meet most, if not all, modern heavy duty business demands. Understanding our forklifts may be used in warehouses with various sizes, we design and manufacture our products in different size and turning radius, so customers can choose them according to their specific situations. For example, the minimum turning radius of our CPCD40 diesel forklift is 2700mm, while for our CPCD100 diesel forklift, it reaches 3900mm.

JAC is an ISO9001 certified 4-10T diesel forklift manufacturer in China. Through our years of dedication to expanding our product list, now we provide a great variety of products, including diesel forklifts, gasoline LPG forklifts, electric stackers, crawler excavators, and more. High quality and competitively priced, these products are extensively used in Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Tunisia, Italy, Australia, Portugal, among other countries.
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