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Performance Parameter
Product Model CPC/CPCD10
Power unit   Diesel
Load Capacity kg 1000
Load Center mm 500
Service Weight kg 2430
Tilting Angles(Front/Rear) 6°/12°
Lift Height mm 3000
Height of Overhead Guard mm 2070
Overall Length mm 2171
Overall Width(Outside Wheel) mm 1080
Turning Radius mm 1880
Standard Engine   XC485BPG

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

This product page shows some information on our S series diesel forklifts. These forklift trucks all use diesel engine, which is solidly constructed and generates high power at low speeds. Because their load capacity ranges from 1 ton to 3.5 tons and their minimum turning radius is from 1880mm to 2490mm, our diesel forklifts can be used to lift and transport materials in many situations. In addition, the maximum lift height of our products achieves 3000mm.

As a Chinese 1-3.5T diesel forklift manufacturer with many years of experience, we at JAC can provide a comprehensive range of high-quality material handling equipment, like forklift trucks, electric stackers, pallet trucks, and more. Due to their high quality and reliability, our products are CE certified. Today they are very popular with customers from India, Russia, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Australia, Portugal, and other countries.
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