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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

A forklift truck, sometimes known as a lift truck, is a powered industrial truck designed to lift and transport materials. The modern forklift was developed in the 1920s, and it has since become an indispensable piece of material handling equipment in manufacturing and warehouse industries. There are many types of fork lift truck on the market today, including lifter forklift, stacker forklift, hand pallet forklift truck, automated forklift trucks and counterbalanced forklift. As forklift trucks are available in a wide range of sizes, designs and load capacities, it is essential to know what type of activities you want to conduct with your forklift.

JAC is an ISO9001 certified forklift truck manufacturer in China. In order to fulfill each of our customer's needs, we have independently developed and built about 10 series and more than 200 varieties of forklift trucks. Some of the products we specialize in include 1-10 ton diesel forklift, 1-3 ton electric forklift, 1.6-2.0 ton three-wheel electric forklift, 1-7 ton gas and LPG forklift, and more. These forklift trucks are cost effective, environmentally friendly, and have the features of ergonomic design, reliable quality and high performance. As a result, they are very popular with customers in Australia, India, Russia, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Portugal, among other countries.

In addition to JAC forklift trucks, we provide customers with many other products, such as electric pallet trucks, electric stackers, crawler excavators, and so on. To make you feel secure in using our products, we offer a one-year warranty. OEM service is also available upon request.
We welcome international customers to contact us for more information on our material handling equipment!

  • Forklift Truck (J)In order to meet the demands of medium and high-end markets, we at JAC independently designed and manufactured J series forklift truck, including 1-3.5T diesel forklift, 4-10T diesel forklift, electric forklift, as well as gasoline, LPG forklift.
  • 4-10T Diesel ForkliftAll the products above are our specific models of JAC 1-3.5T diesel forklift. These forklifts all use diesel engine in common, and the engine can be chosen from JAC, Isuzu, or Kubota brand products. Besides, flexible transmission is available for option.
  • 4-10T Diesel ForkliftThis page shows our specific models of 4-10T diesel forklift. These products all adopt diesel engine as their power unit, and Isuzu or Kubota engines are available for customers to choose from.
  • Electric ForkliftIf you are looking for a forklift with quiet operation and low fuel cost, an electric forklift will be the product of choice. The electric forklift produces less noise and has a lower cost per hour of operation than any IC forklift. In addition, as the electric forklift produces zero emissions, it widely used in indoor applications.
  • Gasoline, LPG ForkliftThe products shown above are types of JAC gasoline, LPG forklift we provide. Some of these forklift trucks use gasoline or LPG engine as their power unit, while others use LPG engine only.