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Performance Parameter
Product Model CBD13
Power unit   Batteries
Load capacity kg 1300
Load center mm 600
Service weight kg 292
Lift height mm 194/205
Length to fork face mm 1570/1620
Overall width mm 704
Turning radius mm 1234/1334/1384/1434
Travel speed, with/without load km/h 4.6/5.9
Lift speed mm/s 0.056/0.06
Decline speed mm/s 0.057/0.059
Standard engine   CURTIS

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

An electric pallet truck, sometimes called a powered pallet jack, is a tool frequently used to lift and movestacked pallets in warehouses, manufacturing plants, etc. It is ideal choice for storage situations where pallets are stacked in several layers or recessed in tall pallet racks. Generally, electric pallet trucks contain a platform for the operator to stand on. Pallet jacks are usually moved back and forth by a throttle on the handle, which can also control the angle of the loaded pallet on the forks or blades. In addition, a motor provides extra power for lifting pallets out of a pallet rack and stabilizing the load so as to help transport the pallet to another location.

In order to satisfy various customers' needs, we at JAC provide them with several types of electric pallet trucks. With load capacities range from 1.3 to 2.5 tons, our pallet trucks are available in various specifications to satisfy each customer's requirements. For example, the maximum lift height for CBD15 pallet truck is 120mm, and for CBD13 pallet truck is 194 or 205mm; the minimum turning radius for CBD25 is 1812 or 1915mm, and for CBD 13 electric pallet truck is 1234, 1334, 1384 or 1434mm. Benefiting from their small turning radius, our products are ideal for use in narrow aisles and gangways.

JAC, a Chinese electric pallet truck manufacturer, provide an extensive line of products, including forklift trucks, pallet trucks, crawler excavators, etc. Since our establishment, we have been committed to providing customers with high quality products. To achieve this, we employ highly experienced staff, manufacture our products in accordance with ISO9001:2000 standard, and strictly inspect each procedure of production. Through our continued efforts over the past years, now we can offer customers high quality and economically priced products.
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