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Performance Parameter
Product Model CPD10
Power unit   Electric A C
Load Capacity kg 1000
Load Center mm 500
Service Weight kg 2720
Tilting Angles(Front/Rear) 6°/12°
Lift Height mm 3000
Height of Overhead Guard mm 2080
Overall Length mm 1980
Overall Width mm 1086
Turning Radius mm 1840
Battery Voltage V 48
Battery Capacity AH 400/440/450/480
Motor Running Model XQ-5T
Motor Running Rating Power KW 5
Electric Control: Curtis Separate Excitation OPS、Imported Battery for Option

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

As shown above, we at JAC provide several types of AC electric forklifts. All these products are AC powered. Apart from this, they also have other things in common, typically, their lift height is 3000mm. Our forklift trucks come in various sizes, load capacities and turning radius, thus helping perform material lifting operations in different situations. For example, the overall length and overall width of CPD10 electric forklift is 1980mm, 1086mm respectively, the data of CPD30 electric forklift is 2515mm, 1225mm separately. In addition, the minimum turning radius of CPD15 electric forklift is 1900mm, and the data of CPD25 electric forklift is 2300mm.

JAC, a Chinese AC electric forklift manufacturer, provides a wide range of products, including forklift truck, electric pallet truck, electric pallet stacker, etc. to global customers. Due to their reliable quality and long lifespan, JAC forklift trucks have obtained the CE certificate, and are sought after in such countries as Italy, Australia, Portugal, Venezuela, Algeria, Afghanistan, and more.
We look forward to working with customers worldwide. If you have a need for our products, please contact us.