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Performance Parameter
Product Model CPD16SA3
Power Unit   Electric
Load Capacity kg 1600
Load Center mm 500
Service Weight kg 2835
Tilting Angles(Front/Rear) 6°/6°
Lift Height mm 3000
Height of Overhead Guard mm 1976
Overall Length mm 1879
Overall Width mm 1060
Turning Radius mm 99
Battery Voltage V 48
Battery Capacity AH 400/500/550
Motor Running Rating Power KW 4.5

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Thank you for visiting our website! As an experienced electric forklift manufacturer in China, we offer customers several types of three wheel electric forklifts with load capacities ranging from 1.6T to 2T. Unlike diesel forklifts, these forklift trucks utilize battery to provide power. Our three wheel electric forklifts have many things in common, for example, their lift height is 3000mm and their minimum turning radius is 99mm. The compact design and small turning radius of these forklift trucks offer great maneuverability in tight locations.

In addition to electric forklift, we at JAC also offer diesel forklifts, LPG forklifts, electric stackers and electric tow tractors, etc., in order to fulfill each of our customer's needs. Because of their reliable quality, stable performance and long service life, these products are widely used in manufacturing and warehousing applications, and are very popular with customers from India, Russia, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Australia, Portugal, and more.
We welcome you to use our material handling equipment. We are certain that you will be pleased with our quality products and service.