2-3T Electric Pallet Truck

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CBD20/ CBD25/ CBD30 2-3T electric pallet truck features an electric power steering system, reducing the operator’s efforts needed for steering. The operating handle provides operator with maximum comfort and precise control. The pallet truck is equipped with CURTIS AC controller and large-power MOSFETS drive system, offering overvoltage, overcurrent and short circuit protections. The pallet truck is designed to give the operator a comfortable and safe working environment.

• Ends of forks are made by steel casting, providing added impact strength and deformation resistance for easy pallet entry.

• The storage groove on the top of pallet truck compartment not only increases the aesthetics but also put the operator tools at their fingertips.
• The operator platform is equipped with a underneath shock damper to absorb shocks and impacts generated during pallet truck running.

• The controller features self-diagnosis function and the handheld terminal can display the fault code after connected to the controller.
• Quick and easy lateral battery exchange reduces downtime and improves working efficiency.
• Open-mouth design of the front cover allows for quick and easy oil cylinder and pipeline maintenance.

• The pallet jack features an electric power steering system, greatly reducing the operator’s efforts on steering. The operating handle provides operator with maximum comfort and precise control.
• The pallet jack features compact design, small turning radius, an electric power steering system and flexible operations, ideal for working in narrow spaces.

• An emergency stop switch allows the pallet truck to immediately stop and cut off power for in an emergency state, protecting the operator and equipment.
• The electric stacker features auto power-off braking function—when you release or press the handle, the stacker will automatically stop and brake, to improve the safety and reliability for conditions that stacker is travelling on ramps or out of control.
• When the fork lift to the top, the pallet truck will automatically cut the power energized to the forks, decreasing power consumption and extending the service life of hydraulic components.

Technical Parameters of Electric Pallet Truck
Characteristics Manufacturer Unit JAC
Power unit
Load capacity kg 2000 2500 3000
Load center distance mm 600 600 600
Weights Service weight (without battery) kg 810(600) 830(620) 850(640)
Wheels/Tires Wheels type
Driving wheel size/number
Front wheel size/number
Balance wheel size/number
Dimensions Lift mm 200
Lowered fork height mm 85
Overall length (Pedal down) mm 1925(2320) 1925(2320) 1925(2320)
Overall width mm 808
Overall fork width mm 540/685
Fork length mm 1150/1220
Single fork width mm 185
Turing radius mm 1746
Performance The max driving speed, laden/unladen km/h 5.8/6.0
Service brake
electromagnetic braking
Drive Drive motor V/kw 24V/1.5kw 24V/2.5kw 24V/3kw
Lift motor V/kw 24V/0.8kw 24V/1.5kw 24V/1.5kw
Battery voltage V/Ah 24V/210Ah
Others Type of drive control
DC power
Noise level at operator's ear dB(A) 67
Steering type
Electronic steering
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