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Selling Points
1. The electric stacker adopts AC motor. So the troublesome replacement of carbon brush is not required.
2. The multi-function display instrument shows the electric quantity, malfunction, accumulative working hours, and the operating speed.
3. The replacement and maintenance of the storage battery can be completed easily, since the side gate and the storage battery cover of the AC electric stacker can be fully opened, and the storage battery can be pulled out sideways.
4. Our electric stacker is installed with anti-vibration device to reduce the noise during operation.
5. For high safety, the handlebar of the material stacking device is designed with emergency reverse button.
6. Emergency power-off button and low-speed travel switch are available with this electric stacker.
7. Automatic deceleration function makes the operation of the product safer.
8. The built-in unloading valve effectively prevents the material handling equipment from overload operation. The high reliability makes this product quite safe for use.

Rated Load Capacity 1500kg
Driving Mode Standing
Max. Lifting Height 2500/3000/3300/3500/4500/5000/5600mm
Fork Size 60/180/1070(1150)mm, 60/170/1070(1150)mm
Technical Parameters of 1.5T Electric Stacker
Model - CDDK15-II CDDK15-III
Drive mode - Electric Electric
Operating type - Standing Standing
Rated load capacity Q(kg ) 1500 1500
Load centre c(mm) 600 500
Front overhand x(mm) 672 697
Wheelbase y(mm) 1378 1405
Axle load (Full load)(F/R) kg 1440/1280 1280/1070
Axle load (No load)(F/R) kg 870/350 200/650
Tyre - Polyurethane PU
Tyre size (Front) mm Φ250×70 Φ250×70
Tyre size (Rear) mm Φ80×84 Φ80×70
Additional wheel dimensions mm Φ150×60 Φ150×60
Wheel quantity (Front/rear)(x=driving wheel) - 1x+2/4 1x+2/2
Tread (Front) b10(mm) 580 586
Tread (Rear) b11(mm) 404/530 410/525
Height (Mast closed) h1(mm) 1735/1985/2135/2235/2050/2210/2410 1837/2087/2237
Free lift height H2(mm) 1300/1550/1700/1800/1570/1740/1940 -
Max. lifting height H3mm) 2500/3000/3300/3500/4500/5000/5600 2500/3000/3300
Height (Mast fully extended) h4(mm) 2955/3455/3755/3955/5070/5550/6150 3087/3587/3887
Overall length l1(mm) 2020/2100 2025
Fork face length L2(mm) 950 920
Overall width b1(mm) 850 850
Fork dimensions s/e/l(mm) 60/180/1070(1150) 60/170/1070(1150)
Outer width of fork B5(mm) 570/695 580/695
Turning radius M2(mm) 31 28
Aisle width (Pallet 1000×1200 crossways) Ast(mm) 2535 2550
Aisle width (Pallet 800×1200 lengthways) Ast(mm) 2515 2520
Turning radius Wa(mm) 1655 1655
Travel speed (Full load/no load) km/h 6.5/6.7 5.8/6
Lifting speed (Full load/no load) m/s 0.11/0.14 0.06/0.13
Lowering speed (Full load/no load) m/s 0.12/0.12 0.13/0.10
Service brake - Electromagnetic Electromagnetic
Battery voltage/Nominal capacity K5 V/Ah 24/240 24/300 24/200
Battery weight kg 240 300 200
Battery dimensions (L×W×H) mm 675×254×500 675×254×540 800×254×320
Sound level according to DIN12053 dB(A) 70 70
Service weight (With battery) kg (240Ah)1180/1205/1220/1230/1280/1300/1320 830/840/850

Information Related to 1.5T Electric Stacker
Brand: JAC
Target Market: Global market
Certificate: CE/SGS/ISO 9001/ISO 14001/SGS
Production Capacity: 20,000 sets per year

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