1.5T Stand-On Electric Stacker

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1. The PM control system features small size, light weight, low energy loss and high efficiency to empower your operation.
2. The built-in charger can quickly make energy supplementation without the risk of running out.
3. The mechanical steering system features cost-saving.
4. The concise design with small-width frame can provide open view to the operator, thus improving their safety.
5. Multi-function handle with up and down button on both sides can make the control easy and fast.
6. It enables high frequency and high capacity lifting while maintaining a low cost.
7. The battery supports easy replacement and doesn’t need extra maintenance.
8. It is small in size to drive through narrow aisles and is suitable for operating in warehouse with limited space.

Technical Parameters of the Stand-On Electric Stacker
Manufacturer Unit JAC
Model CDD15E
Power unit Electric
Operation Stand-on
Rated traction weight kg 1500
Load center distance mm 600
Axle centre to fork face mm 695
Wheelbase mm 1148
Load capacity on Max. height kg 1500 1500 1350 1100 700
Service Weight kg 620 690 720 730 740
Tires PU
Driving wheel size/number Φ×w(mm) Φ210×70
Front wheel size/number Φ×w(mm) Φ80×70
Balance wheel size/number Φ×w(mm) Φ115×55
Wheels number, front/rear (x = drive wheel) 1, 4/2
Tread width (drive end) mm 646
Tread width (load end) mm 390/515
Lowered mast height mm 2077 1877 2127 2327 2527
Free lifting height mm 0 0 0 0 0
Lifting height mm 1600 2600 3200 3600 4000
Max. lifting height mm 2077 3137 3687 4087 4487
Height of handle in the driving position, min./max. mm 1040/1415
Lowered fork height mm 86
Overall length mm 1890
Length to fork face mm 740
Overall width mm 808
Fork dimensions s/e/l (mm) 60/180/1150
Width of forks mm 570/695
Min. ground clearance mm 26
Aisle width with pallet 1000 x 1200 across forks mm 2110
Aisle width with pallet 800 x 1200 along forks mm 2160
Min. turning radius mm 1455
Travel speed, laden/unladen km/h 4.2/4.5
Lifting speed, with/without load mm/s 90/130
Lowering speed, with/without load mm/s 105/100
Maximum climbing ability, with/without load % 3/6
Service brake Electromagnetic braking
Drive motor, 60 minute rating kW 0.75
Lift motor rating at S3 15% kW 2.2
Battery according to DIN 43531/35/36 A, B, C, no no
Battery voltage/rated capacity V/Ah 2×12/120
Battery weight (± 5%) kg 2×35
Type of drive control DC power
Noise level at operator's ear dB(A) ≤70
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